Where To Get Your UX Portfolio Reviewed

Portfolio. Portfolio. Portfolio.

It’s the single most important artifact to judge a designer’s skills. But if you look at something for too long and too often, you could lose a perspective and objectivity. That’s why you need other people’s candid feedback time to time. But where should you get your portfolio reviewed? Here is a list of places you can go to get reviews, including online and offline resources.


Other Designers

If you have a UX designer friend, ask for their opinion. If you don’t have any UX designer friends, you can go to UX events or tech events to connect with other designers and ask what they think.


Online Review Thread

There are online forums you can post a link to your website to get reviews. Reddit has a user experience subreddit where you can share your portfolio and get reviewed by other Redditors.



When you are talking to a recruiter, you’ll inevitably talk about your work. Why not use this opportunity to get feedback on your work? Recruiters review dozens of portfolios and resumes in a week. Ask what they think and take notes on items that you hear repeatedly from different people.


Meetups and Events (Organize one yourself!)

Some meetup groups occasionally have portfolio review sessions. Even if it’s not specifically about portfolio presentations, ask an organizer if you can use a few minutes to present your work in front of attendees. It’s free exposure and could be an effective way to promote yourself. If you can’t find one, why not organize one yourself? You can use Eventbrite to create an event for free as long as you can find a venue to work with. (ie, co-working spaces)


Paid Review Service

This approach is less common than the others but you can use a paid portfolio review service to get your work reviewed by a professional UX designer. Yes, you’ll need to spend money but it’ll give you a thorough review that you might not get through casual sessions.


It’s important to put yourself out there and see what others think. It’s also a great practice to experience criticism that you’ll face at workplaces sooner or later. Use one of these resources to get feedback to improve your portfolio. Remember, you can always take in what you need and leave the rest. All in all, it’ll help you create a much better portfolio over time.