Creating the Best File Management Mobile Apps for iOS and Android


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Problem + My Role

Mophie, the maker of juice pack, set out to solve another most common problem for smart device users: lack of storage. Space is a product line that combines battery case and extra storage. As a Lead Interaction Designer, I involved in the entire design process to create the best file management experience for both iOS and Android apps.


By creating a file management app that will work with Space devices, users will be able to store and access files while charging their smart device.

Project Background

I was part of the design team and worked closely with a product manager who managed the project progress and sprint schedule. We worked with an in-house development team and also an overseas one in the later phase.

As designers, we wanted to see where our solution positioned in the storage market. The market was divided largely into hard drives and cloud storage services. Since Space was a portable product, we took a closer look at cloud services to identify gaps and opportunities.

Key findings after initial research:

  • Space product line is in a uniquely advantageous position because of the existing battery case products juice pack

  • There is no direct comparison due to the custom hardware component but alternatives can be cloud storage services or portable hard drives

  • For similar products and services, there is a constant need to backup large media files, such as photos

  • The company wants to create a new sub-market segment by offering the file management ecosystem including, mobile, tablet apps, and web portal

Success Metrics


  • Create a new segment within the data storage market with our unique battery case storage products


  • File transfer

  • Add advice

  • Camera upload

  • Create a playlist

Target Users

Since mophie has been around and known for its power products, we knew that our customers are mostly iPhone users who use their phone heavily, along with a smaller number of Android users. Space also targeted most popular iPhone models, iPad mini, and Android users as target audience. Besides these facts, we found out there was a strong need to off load large media files, according to analyzing competitors, especially photos.

In summary, we described Space target users as:

  • People who know mophie from other product lines, such as juice pack

  • People who have a lot of media files (photos, videos, music) on their phone and are in need of off loading them regularly, maybe in a dire wifi situation

  • People who own an smart device with a low storage option



I contributed to the creation of the world’s first rechargeable battery case with local storage product. The app delivered elegant and functional interface that received positive reviews in the app store. Overall, I had the great opportunity to design for comprehensive software products, including iPhone, iPad mini, Android phones and tablets. I also learned a lot about how people manage their files and what their needs are for different platforms.